Secretary of Transportation Presents 2017 "State of SCDOT"

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Secretary of Transportation Christy A. Hall presented the “State of SCDOT” report for 2017 to the Senate Transportation Committee on February 1, 2017. The annual review provided the current status of South Carolina’s transportation network, including the funding situation.  Here are the highlights of Secretary Hall’s overall assessment:

- Legislative funding increases (both recurring and one-time) in both 2013 and 2016 have resulted in some progress in SCDOT’s interstate widening, resurfacing and bridge replacement programs.

- However, long-term funding shortfalls over decades have created the need to reconstruct over 50% of the pavement in the state’s 41,000 mile system. Hundreds of bridges remain structurally deficient.

- Years of deferred maintenance have contributed to South Carolina’s ranking as #1 in the nation in highway deaths.

- The areas of greatest need were discussed including the creation of a Rural Road Safety Program directly aimed at reducing fatalities.

- Secretary Hall outlined scenarios for additional and recurring annual investments in the state highway system. She discussed how various funding increases could provide transportation improvements.

Secretary Hall also reported in the last 12 months, SCDOT has responded and recovered from natural disasters, received a good Legislative Audit Review (approximately 75% of the recommended items have been implemented), increased transparency with reporting, improved communications with the public and established a 10-year plan for SCDOT’s programs.

Hall noted that 2017 is SCDOT’s Centennial Year and the agency is looking forward to working together with the General Assembly to accomplish the great deal of work that needs to be done as SCDOT enters its second century of service to South Carolina.

Secretary Hall’s entire presentation of the 2017 State of SCDOT can be found on the agency’s web site at this link: