More Details: EDTS Cyber Picked by TaxSlayer to Enhance Security

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Alliance Between the Two Companies Strengthens the Southeast's Technology and Cyber Security Capabilities

EDTS Cyber, LLC, a privately held Managed Security Services Provider ("MSSP"), announced today that TaxSlayer, LLC, a leading online and professional tax and financial technology company, has selected EDTS Cyber to provide additional best-in-class protection against fraud and cyber threats for customers. The alliance adds EDTS Cyber’s advanced security analytics, threat hunting services and 24x7 security monitoring and analysis to TaxSlayer’s leading security stack.

The agreement brings together two leaders of the growing cyber community in the Southeast, which also includes Fort Gordon, home of the U.S. Cyber Center of Excellence, an NSA installation and Army Cyber Command Home.

“This partnership will help expand technology and cyber opportunities here and help protect clients across the U.S. By creating jobs, assisting with workforce development and building industry alliances, we are at the start of many great things to come,” said Charles Johnson, founder and CEO of EDTS Cyber.

“We are excited to be part of the technology surge across the Southeast. We believe two industry leaders headquartered only blocks from each other working together for the benefit of our customers and our industries will put us at a unique advantage over the competition,” said Brian Rhodes, President and CEO of TaxSlayer.

Delano Collins, CIO of EDTS Cyber added, “There are a lot of companies that say they offer Cyber or IT security, often taking advantage of the lack of understanding in the marketplace. With today’s more sophisticated attacks, it takes a comprehensive offering to protect business data. TaxSlayer is a leader in their field and we are excited that, after their thorough vetting process, they recognize that EDTS Cyber has not only leading technology, but some of the most qualified and talented cyber professionals.  We are very excited to explore other opportunities to expand our partnership to benefit both organizations and our community.”

About EDTS Cyber

EDTS Cyber is a privately held Managed Security Services Provider with offices in Georgia and South Carolina.  The company offers real-time IT security monitoring, threat hunting and correlation, incident response, and security forensics services to US- based companies and state, local, and municipal governments.  Using the best available commercial, open-source, and developed tools - their highly trained, certified and experienced analysists and threat hunters help to protect organizations across the country.    

The company was ranked in the top 100 Managed Security providers in America in 2017 & 2018.  Its parent company, EDTS, LLC has been ranked on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies for the last eight consecutive years.

About TaxSlayer

TaxSlayer makes life simpler and less stressful for millions of Americans with exceptional, easy-to-use technology. Trusted for over 50 years, TaxSlayer saves business owners, tax professionals and individual consumers time and money with high-quality, high-value financial products. In addition to offering the top-rated tax preparation software, support, and tools, TaxSlayer's products are radically transforming the legal, bookkeeping, and HR/payroll arenas, helping small business owners better serve their customers.

The company successfully completed more than 10 million state and federal e-filed tax returns in 2017, representing a 200% increase over the past three years. TaxSlayer's software was ranked #1 for five straight years in numerous categories, including overall satisfaction by the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).