United Community Bank Launches United Heroes Mortgage Program

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

United Community Bank has launched a special mortgage savings program designed to recognize the everyday heroes in our communities. The program, called United Heroes, offers reduced fees and other savings for home mortgages. Participants can save up to $1,300 as part of the program.
“Our communities would not thrive without the dedication of everyday heroes in our schools, hospitals and in law enforcement,” said Mike Davies, president of United Community Mortgage Services. “At United Community Bank, we believe it is important that we support the people who make our neighborhoods safe and healthy for all. We are proud to offer this program to these valuable members of our communities.”
The United Heroes program is open to members of the National Guard, veterans, educators, healthcare providers, paramedics, correctional officers, law enforcement officers and firefighters. Qualified applicants may have their application fee waived and receive an appraisal fee rebate at closing – a savings of approximately $1,300. The program is open for a limited time and launched earlier this month.
This special is offered on the following:

• Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans offer low down payment options, eligibility with
less-than-perfect credit, availability at a reasonable cost and assistance options if there is ever trouble making the mortgage payment.

• Veterans Administration (VA) Loans offer veterans and their families affordable home financing
options through its unique advantages.

• USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Program Loans offer individuals and families of low- and
moderate-income a Fixed Rate Mortgage option with minimal out-of-pocket expenses.