S.C. Department of Commerce: Education Today for Future Economic Success

Bobby Hitt

Monday, August 17th, 2020

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." That powerful quote by Nelson Mandela hits home especially this time of year, as thousands of South Carolina students prepare to head back to school. 

While this academic year will look dramatically different - with schools implementing social distancing, virtual learning and adapted approaches in response to the COVID-19 pandemic - S.C. students of all ages are entering the school year in pursuit of the tools needed to be successful in life and in their careers.

More than just back-to-school, this time of the year we're also reminded of the robust workforce programs the state has in place for all South Carolinians. Team S.C. recognizes our greatest asset is our people. And, we are committed to creating a pipeline where individuals have access to education and training to fill the most in-demand jobs, meeting the needs of both existing and future employers.

To ensure a successful, well-trained workforce, South Carolina boasts a diverse arsenal of tools. Our Regional Workforce Advisors are our local boots on the ground helping create a bridge between industry and educators; the SC Technical College System's readySC and Apprenticeship Carolina programs are creating and strengthening career pathways; and partnerships like SC Codes and the SC Fraunhofer USA Alliance are helping advance technology, research and development.

It's South Carolina's collaborative workforce development approach that has and will continue to propel the Palmetto State toward economic growth and prosperity.

So, as the school year approaches and we enter a new era of learning, Mr. Mandela's words of wisdom ring particularly true - with the right education infrastructure in place, we can change the world.