Pinnacle Medical Group Launches Telehealth Services

Staff Report

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Pinnacle Medical Group, the locally owned and operated parent company of Pinnacle Plastic Surgery, PURE Medical Spa and Beaufort Dermatology, will now offer telehealth appointments utilizing FaceTime and GoToMeeting for virtual visits. 

In the coming weeks, the practice’s electronic medical record provider will launch a downloadable telehealth application, which will integrate directly into the Pinnacle Medical Group’s operating system.

“As we are facing so many uncertainties in the midst of the coronavirus, it is so important to provide more access and options for high-quality care for our patients and community,” said Dr. Audrey Klenke, plastic surgeon and principal of Pinnacle Medical Group. 

Pinnacle Medical Group will utilize telehealth options for consultations and follow-up appointments for the following visit types including but not limited to: 


Dermatological Services:

Viral skin lesions


Skin cancer follow-up

Pigmented lesions

Biopsy follow-up

Disease management

Common diagnoses

Plastic Surgery Services:

Insurance and cosmetic consultations

Pre-operative appointments for procedures and surgeries

Follow-up visits

Laceration & burn consultation

Medical Spa Services:



Follow-up visits

Since no one is certain of how long this pandemic is going to last, Pinnacle Medical Group will continue to offer in-office appointments in addition to the telehealth options. Dr. Klenke said, “Telehealth appointments will help to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and to minimize surges in care facilities. However, it is important to stress that we will recommend an office visit if there is a more serious issue or need for surgery, such as a patient that has skin cancer that needs to be excised.”